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Default Re: Any complaints about silicone Gripper

Originally Posted by babesnbows View Post
This is an email I received today from a customer.

Has anyone else had complaints?
(FYI!! I use it on Hannah's clips and have not had any problems and Have not received any other complaints)

I haven't been very happy with it because the substance comes completely off of the bow/clippie. This has happened in almost all of the bows/clips that were in my last order. It happened first with the ones that have been worn the most and others maybe after only wearing once or twice. It completely comes away from the grosgrain. It is sort of like the glue wears off. The substance doesn't disappear (I hope I am making sense here), it just simply peels away. I think it is probably worth mentioning that none of these have been wet because I could see how that might assist in the peeling.
Are you using the method I use in my tutorial? I only had trouble with the first few that I experimented with, and I do address that in the tutorial hoping to save anyone from experiencing that! I have had zero complaints and use it on every single one of my dd's bows and clips. If you've purchased the tutorial and I can support you in any way, please let me know!!

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