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Originally Posted by poshbabycouture View Post
Hi there.. I started making these a few months ago, for my niece. At the time we couldn't find anything clip that would really stay so I made this up. I love your design. I use the grommet hole punch (not sure of its proper name) I punch the hole where i want it first, before actually putting the pieces on to mount. Sometimes if its fraying a bunch you can take a lighter to it like you do ribbon, before adding the pieces..

I noticed that you use ribbon where i use the eyelet, may I ask what the eyelet is for?

Hope this helps, I'll try to look for a better picture that actually shoes the eyelet.

When you are referring to the eyelet in your picture, are you talking about the hair band? Do you put the hairband around the circle part on the outside of the paci? An eyelet is a grommet, a metal circle with a hole in the middle.
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