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Originally Posted by hkilloran View Post
I have been working on paci clips, that are universal, and fit pacifiers like the soothie. I'm running into trouble when attaching the eyelet at the clip. the ribbon always frays or pulls(even with fray check) . The back of the eyelet looks messy with ribbon threads. How do you guys get the eyelet or grommet to look right/professional on the ribbon? What size eyelet do you use (i've been using all 5/8 ribbon). Where do you find them?
Thanks for your help!!
I can't help any but I am very interested in your paci clip. My daughter uses a soothie paci and I have only found one paci keeper that works with it and it is bigger than the pacifier so it covers half her face!!! Let us know as soon as you get this done and have them available somewhere please!!! Thanks!!
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