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Default Re: How do you make these?

Originally Posted by cutiepea View Post
Welcome! I'm glad you are finding all of the free stuff useful. It's definitely a great way to get started.

The bows you are showing are a combination of many parts. The center bow is a twisted boutique, then there are the surrouding loops, the marabou accents and the back spikes. These are all parts that get combined together to make on big bow. So, you might find it useful to do a search here or on You Tube or Google for each item and get info on how to do them individually and then put it all together. (just and FYI...the twisted boutique is probably the most challenging bow to perfect and takes many of us hours and hours of practice, there are a few different methods as well as templates you can purchase to help you out, but having a really nice twisted center bow makes all the difference.)

Good luck! Hope to see some posts with your creations soon!
Thank you!
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