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Default Re: What is better than Hot Glue?

Originally Posted by BookGoddess View Post
So I take it a Wally World hot glue gun is not good enough?
The one I have is the Ad Tech project pro from Walmart (little one) and it was inexpensive and works great! It has the pointed tip on it that makes it easier to get into smaller places with it! luvsfordpower (sorry I don't know your name) is does leak glue once I sit it back down on my little wooden cutting board that I put it on. It will stop though after a second or two. I just have to get out my scraper thingy and get the globs of glue off of the board every now and then. Other than that, I have had it for a good while now and it is great!

luvsfordpower, so sorry to hear that it burned/scarred your stomach....OUCH!! Knock on wood, haven't been burned anywhere yet except the occasional finger tip burn!
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