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Default Re: need help with flowers

Also, depending on the flowers you get, for example if you buy the 4" gerbera daisies, if the petals are "floppy" (some seem almost to be starched), after you take them apart, spray them with hairspray and blowdry them, or else starch them. Otherwise your flower has floppy petals that don't look so hot.

But yes, you take your flower & pull off the stem. Then take off the back "hard" plastic part & throw that away. If you want to use the center that came with the flower, you can always add to it like glitter (it looks REALLY cute). Or if it's a larger flower and you are going to use a bottle cap, use the flower center to glue into the back of the bottlecap to take up some of the room rather than just using a big pool 'o hot glue. Lay your largest (bottom) flower down. Put a little bit (seriously, it doesn't take much) hot glue on the center. Take your next petal layer and when you put it on top, make sure that you offset the next set of petals on top of it. Don't lay it on EXACTLY as the one on the bottom--make sure each petal lays between (but still on top of) the two petals on the bottom, all the way around --does that make sense??? It makes your flowers MUCH fuller & nicer looking! Attach all of your layers, then decide what you want for your center, glue THAT on & then attach to a lined clip or whatever! Please post pics when you do them or ask any other questions; feel free to pm me if you want, too!! Good luck!!
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