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Originally Posted by staceylynnsharp View Post
When I read the instructions after I bought them I thought tidy up means to make sure your ribbon is nice and straight and that it is up close to the other ribbon. Kind of like tidy up your living room. I took chorus as repeat the steps. Just like in a song the chorus is repeated over and over. I could be totally wrong and if I am please don't laught to loud. I might be able to hear you here in Idaho.

Can you hear me in Michigan?

No, you're right. Tidy is just her way of saying get all the ribbon neat, laying right, tight together, etc. And repeat the chorus is just that, repeat what you just did.

I know exactly what you mean. When I first did them, I was going, like what is she saying???? I was already having a hissy fit trying to do the dang thing! It will become so easy. Stick with it!

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