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Default Re: How to attach rhinestone buckles to flip flops?

Your flops are very cute flipfloplady! I bow down to your flip flop greatness. LOL. On mine, I wrapped my straps like in your pic 1 and then put a bow, sort of similar to your pic 2. I wrapped the straps first and then I sewed the buckle on at the toe using 12 strands of embroidery thread and went around the buckle 3 times (leaving the knots on the top of the flop). Then I slid my bow through the buckle and put some E6000 between the bottom loop of the bow on each side of the buckle and the ribbon wrapped part of the strap. So, now the buckle and the bow do not slide around. I hope those will hold up. I'm only making 5 pairs to take to my show this weekend. I am mainly geered toward kids stuff, but I thought the moms might like these. I know I sure do.
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