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Originally Posted by kavettahulse View Post
Maeve I'm sorry. Maybe you could have someone here buy you some and then ship them?!!! I always buy them from Hobby Lobby and have never had any problems. They wear well for us. They seem to be pretty cushiony! That's exactly how I wrap my flip flops. But I don't hot glue anymore because I've had flowers and bows fall off. I just try to sew them to the ribbon and kind wrap the thread around and sew from different angles. It's probably not the best way, but then I also hot glue too.

Maeve!! I will help ya out!! I live about 2 miles from Hobby Lobby, they love me there!!! Their flops are 1.47 (kids) 1.99 for adults. If you want some, let me know how many of each and what colors. I will give you a total with shipping and you can paypal me the funds. The have a good variety in colors.I may even be able to ask the manager for a discount if you buy a lot! They are pretty nice!! Just pm me if you are interested!!

Oh, and if you prefer Michaels, I live about 25 minutes from there!!
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