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Default How does she get her dots so SMOOTH?!?!?

Go look at these letters. I'm not trying to copy the letters or anything, I just wish I knew how she got her dots soooooo smooth and perfect!!

Handmade for Children on Etsy - BUBBLES Hand Painted Wooden Wall Letter shown in Ravie Font by PoshDots[]=tags&includes[]=title

I have a "client" who wants me to paint some spots and butterflies and such on this vanity she just bought for her daughter. I don't want to free hand them because I want them to be very uniform and crisp. I know I can use stencils, but its hard for me to keep the sponge dry enough to keep the paint from bleeding under the edges of the stencil.

What do you think this lady uses. I'm seriously not trying to copy her design or craft here.....just her technique....KWIM???

In case she is on here.....GREAT JOB!!!
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