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Originally Posted by MommyRYLI View Post
Those look beautiful!!
Quick question, I've been tepted to buy those woven headband instructions, but haven't made up my mind yet, the price difference between hers and other sellers a big different. I want to know if you think it's worth paying the extra money for her instructions (aside of the bonus Cinderella instructions)?
Thanks for your input.

Hmm... lemme try and

-> SewCute has 90 page w/ over 200 pics and LCB has 18 pages with 20 w/ 50pics

-> SC has new updates and LCB (as far as i know) no new updates yet...

Basically, I took the summary from their item descriptions... IMO, you're still the judge of it when it comes to buying which of which...

SewCute -> ON SALE Woven Headband Instructions 6 patterns Sew Cute - eBay (item 160196228939 end time Jan-12-08 19:59:11 PST)

LCB-> Woven Headbands | Hair Accessories |

Not being bias as I have both.... I like Devon's (Sewcute) better. =)

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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