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Default Re: DoodlesBowtique????

Originally Posted by DoodlesBowtique View Post
Thank you for the sweet compliment. 20 is a good price for a GOOD set of instructions. I never bought hair bow instructions before but I can tell you for me they took HOURS to make. Pictures, editing, typing them out, and converting them took lots of time. I also give UNLIMITED email support. When you think about how much these bows them self sell for it is well worth the small investment for GOOD instructions IMO. Not everyone who buy the instructions make the bows to sell. They make them for their little girls. So that helps them from having to buy bows.

I hope that helps ya when trying to decide on buying these. I self taught myself and it took FOREVER. LOLLL Years even to figure it all out. I wished I had some instructions when I was wanting to make these bows. hehe Would have helped saved me money in lots ribbon. Do you all toss the bows you HATE in the trash to?? I think I still have some bows I did not like stuffed in places all over my bow room.

Anywho I hope this helps and anytime you have any questions feel free to contact me. I am always happy to help.

Which instructions do you recommend buying? I've seen the free ones online but would like better instructions on all different typed of bows making, especially chuncky ones. Also, do you know how to make the ribbon flowers-rose, water lily? Thanks for your help.
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