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Default Re: KARYN!! Your Bow Template! :)

Originally Posted by mothermayi View Post
Her original post says that they are in production, and that she does not have a ship date...That was from early May.

She has been posting updates as she gets them from her manufacturer. As a matter of fact, she just posted yesterday that they are now being shipped to her from the factory.

Slowly, people are posting that they have gotten theirs. Be patient.

And, I really agree that you should have kept this a private message between you and Karyn. Seriously. You don't want to call her a liar, because you don't know 'for sure'? If you weren't comfortable doing a preorder, you really shouldn't have done it.

It's really hard to not take it so personal when you are on here being so disrespectful to someone that is very much loved on hipgirls.
Exactly what I wanted to say.
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