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Default Re: KARYN!! Your Bow Template! :)


I cannot tell you how flipping tired I am of ppl doing this... if you are worried about a release date DONT FRICKIN BUY IT!!!

If you are in a GB with someone getting something from China EXPECT TO WAIT 2months... luckily these are being made in the US... less wait...

IF and I say IF you have any doubts about a person get references... DONT buy it if you are not sure...

its not like she wouldnt have any after she got them... no you wanted something for FREE... so suck it up already! it will be sent when it gets here.

if you have never ordered something to be manufactured in bulk you have no clue what it takes to pull off all the distributors to work together to be able to put together a finished product.

before starting a spree of paranoia you could have oooohhhh I dont know tried contacting her via email/etsy/site FIRST ...

she has been updating as she gets updates...
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