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Question KARYN!! Your Bow Template! :)

Do you know when we'll be getting our templates yet? Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that you're a really active and cool member here, I'd wouldn't have bought a preorder without a release date... I'm sorry for sounding suspicious and rude, its just that on the first day of preorder, you said it should be out by the end of May but there's still no release date yet. again, not to be rude, I"m just really worried!!!

I'm definetely not saying that you're a lyer because I dont know for sure, its just that I've heard of well known and nice members here who did group buys and then fell through...ykwim? SORRY, NOT SAYING THAT YOU'RE THAT TYPE OF PERSON FOR SURE. But, since its already end of May and there is STILL no release date, I'm just worried.

Then again I'm relatively new here and dont know you very well as oppose to many other members here. So they have total faith that they'll get it with no date set at all. Again, hope you know I REALLY dont mean to be rude and say that you're that type of person for sure.

Can you at least give us a more accurate estimate of when we'll get our order? Last time you said end of May, its already end of May...
Course, if you already know the date, that'll be even better.

If you dont mind me asking, just what exactly happened? Why is it that you don't know when you'll be recieving your own product?

Thanks again for putting up with my questions! Again I truly apologize for coming off as a very rude person.

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