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Default Re: Desperately Need Bottle Cap Template

It's a perfect page of 1 inch circles, just not a template. If anyone is familiar with photoshop, you can select one circle and drag a paper (for instance) to the circle and then all you have to do is hit Control+G and bam your paper is perfectly fitted into the circle. This file isn't working that way.
Still looking for photoshop template,


P.S. I did send a very complicated message to the original creator of the template that I purchased letting her know that she made a great template but made it backwards. If anyone is Photoshop user, what the original creator did was make the background paper the template and the circle bottlecap portion transparent. So, when you hit Control+G it merges your item with the white background paper - not the individual circles. That probably won't make much sense if you don't use photoshop
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