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Default Re: Toggle Headbands

Originally Posted by idahomommyof4 View Post
Wendy, Do you use the method that you have in your tutorial? Or is there a different better ways to do it on a headband, or does it not matter what way you do it, just that you do do it. Does that make sense???
I use the method that is in my tutorial. I haven't found anything I like better and the feedback I've gotten from the ones I've sold has been excellent!

Here are some of my customer comments from my public feedback:

"love the headband! it really IS adjustable & no slip! "

"AWESOME! This was the best etsy experience I have ever had. I had no idea that these were so awesome. No headache from headband ends BUT it doesn't move - it has this something on the top that keeps it in place! I will wear mine everday - get more than 10 for daily matching to outfits! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

and here is one of my personal convos I've received, I've asked for and received permission to share her words, her picture is some of my headband listings

"Hi Wendy,

I just wanted to write to say THANKS for making such a great headband! I got a chance to wear mine for the first time today and was thrilled with how well it stayed in my baby fine hair. I've always loved the look of headbands but they usually either give me a headache or fall out after about an hour. Your ribbon headband was really comfy and stayed in place all day.

I've attached a photo to show you just how well it stood up. I put it in my hair about 10 o'clock in the morning. The photo was taken at 7 at night after a full day that included chasing nieces around Grandma's house and trying on clothes for an hour at my favorite shop. I thought for sure I'd have to redo it after the clothing store, but the headband didn't budge. What a fantastic idea. I look forward to wearing it many times in the future!"

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