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Default Re: No more flops with falling bows!!! ...hope so

Originally Posted by pat font View Post
Ohhh thanks Alyssa....long time no see.
They are braided with tanyat`s instructions and then....well my attempts to bow...wich take me forever to do (cheeting of course) that`s why i dont want them to fall LOL
Yes, I haven't been online much lately Been trying to get the kids done w/ school stuff, then trying to get our old camper ready to go camping which entailed cleaning from top to bottom and hubby had to do a bunch of re-wiring. I did get a bunch of bows & bow boards made--one bow/bowboard set for my SIL (who sadly I don't think even USES the bows that I busted my tail to make for her baby!!), one bow/bowboard set for my good friend who just had her first baby, a girl obviously, and I only had 2 days to make 15 different bows/clips/flowers, PLUS the board; and now I am finally getting around to finishing my own dd's board for her room; I wanted to have it done by the time her bday rolls around, which is june 4th. All while trying to keep up with 4 kids ages 8 & under So I have been busy, just haven't been able to get online too much on here But I hope to change that.....

Keep posting more fun stuff!! You are doing some great & fun things!! I love to see how talented everyone is, and you are definitely one of them!

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