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Originally Posted by staceylynnsharp View Post
I have made several of the princess clips like snow white, jasmine, ariel, sleeping beauty, cinderilla.... I agree it took me awhile to figure them out on my own. I was thinking about sharing how to make them for the contest. I need my husbands help putting everything together and he is extremely busy with work right now and school starts back up for him next week. Hopefully he can help me this weekend. If I could only make one princess clip instruction, which one should I do?
we posted at the same time

wow, if you could do one that would be awesome!!!! I for sure want to do the Cinderella. But I bet if you would rather do sleeping beauty, or Belle, I could figure out Cinderella from there, they seem pretty similar. I think I could figure out Ariel on my own if I want to try it. Jasmine and Snow White look like I'd need some help maybe, but I definitely would love to make a Cinderella one, she's my dd's favorite

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