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Default Re: Question about a seller....

Update: I filed the dispute with paypal and within 2 days I had the money refunded back to me. Thanks for the help on this!!! She is however, not happy about it! She said that she had told me (on the 17th) that she was having problems with her drop shipper and that I knew about it. She also said on the paypal dispute that she would not sell to me anymore!!! I don't understand why it is okay in her eyes to go a whole month without hardly any communication, refund or product to her customer!?!? I was very sympathetic with her and was never demanding or ugly in any way! She said that I messed up her paypal account by doing that. I never filed a claim, I just filed a dispute because she wouldnt ever communicate with me and it was $27!!! Not just pocket change to me & my family.

Anyhoo, it is taken care of, even though it wasn't civil the way I would have preferred it to be

Thanks again for helping & listening!!!
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