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Default Re: secret society of polymer clay artists

You can also search on and Barnes & Noble and I'm sure like for books. Read up on the reviews & descriptions of the books. Write down the title of the book & author. Call your local library and ask them if they take book requests to stock at the library. Our local library does this. When I first started making jewelry, there were a lot of books that I would've loved to buy, but I was wary that they wouldn't be quite what i needed or wanted. Plus I didn't have the money to just go buy whatever I wanted. My library took down the names & authors & got books in and called me after they got in--about 1 to 1 1/2 weeks after I called. Then I got the chance to check out the books, and was able to get good info out of them & decide if I REALLY liked those books enough to buy them, or just use what tidbits that I could out of them. This way I was able to check out the books without having to put out the money!! I would highly recommend doing this. I live in a pretty small town, so I'd imagine most libraries are willing to accomodate their patrons!! Worst thing they can do is say no. HTH
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