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Default secret society of polymer clay artists

I've probably spent about 12 hours or more searching online how to make polymer clay centers and what types of cutters or molds to use. I've decided it's a huge secret society that only allow a select few in on the secrets! I wanted to make some cute novelty type centers such as mermaids and princesses for my daughter because it gets way too expensive to keep buying them. Well it's impossible to find the info I'm looking for. No one wants to give out any secrets on what types of molds or cutters to use. I can't afford $16 for a hair cookie from the Glamsquad, even tho I would love to. But, since my hubby isn't working and I'm working fulltime to support my 4 kids, I can't.

Are there any ebooks out there that show how to make m2mg or the types of cute centers found on etsy or Ebay?

Any help would be great. I've already searched on here and checked all the posts and still didn't find what I was looking for.

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