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Default Re: Cheer Bows experimenting yet. I teach 2nd grade and I've made and sold several bows and pony o's at school, so the cheer sponsor who is the school librarian asked me to make the cheer bows. Hopefully, after school lets out next week I'll have time to experiment and practice. I can't say I'm self teaching myself, though....I cheated and bought a pattern.

I'm kinda kicking myself for taking on such a huge project when I'm a novice, but I couldn't turn down the, the money is gonna be pretty good, so that doesn't hurt either.

Come heck or high water....I'm gonna get those bows made, lol!

Thanks for the tip...I'm sure I'll have more questions so stay posted...

Originally Posted by cynthia View Post
You will find out that, after all the heat n bond stuff done, you don't even need to stiffen your bows . Have you tried it yet? Experimenting with one bow?
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