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Default Question about a seller....

Has anyone ever ordered from or no of Pixie Tails Boutique on Etsy??? She may even be on here I don't know. I made & paid for an order on April 23rd & it showed that it had shipped. I convo'd her on May 13, after waiting a good while for my ribbon, to check in on it. She wrote me back and said she had shipped and she would check into it. On the 17th she convo'd back....

by pixietailsbowtique profile shop contact

Hi, just checking to see if you received your order yet? I'm having a terrible time with my new supplier that was dropshipping for me. Please let me know, and I will refund your money.

So sorry,
17 May 2009 2:32am EDT

So I messaged her back on the 18th (twice), 20th & today and still nothing. I went to her actual etsy store and realized there are no products on there anymore like she dissappeared or something. What should I do??? I paid $26.25 for 10 yards of 7/8" ribbon & 22 yards of 3/8" ribbon and after really looking realized that $10.80 of this was shipping!!!! I have never had this happen before with someone on Etsy and didn't know what steps I should take if any right now....I also paid through paypal.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
~Krista Glee~Proud Mama of 3~
Have we had a transaction? If so, Please leave me some feedback
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