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Default Re: I could use some HELP asap!! PLEASE!!! that done! That has been one of the most "nervous" ones I have done in a long while! Forgot how much I didn't miss that lol! Anyways enough belly aching from me

I got the bow delivered to her and she said it was a "perfect" match! YAY!!! It didn't really turn out the way I had imagined it because I was in such a rush....due to IT WAS OUR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! YIPPEE!!! My dd also had t-ball practice, I desperately needed some groceries & etc etc etc. I didn't end up using a tulle poof, I used just a simple across the middle type thing with it and the rest was kind of plain too but she loved it!

I just need to ask a question now I met her at the pharmacy where she was and gave her the bow and everything, then we parted ways and I walked into walmart (next store down) and saw her in there a little later too.........guess where the bow was???? STUFFED IN HER PURSE !!! I mean, don't get me wrong, she bought it, it was then hers but after the stressing that I put into it and to know that if it gets all smooshed and messed up then it is going to look like crap! That will look bad on me and my bow making!!! I just don't understand why some people don't understand the hard work, love & heart that we put into our products...ya know???

Just needed to vent a little and have a pity party but now I feel better

Thanks a million for all of the help last night & this morning!!! I really appreciate it!

p.s. these pics are not great by any a huge hurry and lighting was horrible. Had to finish adjusting in car on the 25 minute drive to town. heehee
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