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Exclamation I could use some HELP asap!! PLEASE!!! Got pic added :)

I am in desperate need of some opinions right now! I had a lady call me tonight needing a big frilly bow for her 6 year old daughter for her dance recital (jazz). The recital is on Saturday but the rehearsal is friday (today being that it is 1:06 am here) because that is when the pics are being taken of the girls.....
Onto my dilema......
The attached pic is the costume that she is going to be wearing and I just got it at 11:49 tonight by email. She told me it was zebra, lime green and a yellowish color. Okay, she wants the bow in the lime green & zebra print because she said the yellow color would be to hard to match. I have like 3 different colors of green that I am debating on being that I can only go by the picture. Which do you think matches the best from the pic......

1. Lypple-I have this in a shiny grosgrain & normal (shiny looks best out of these)
2. neon green
3. neon lime

I think I like the 1st one in the shiny or possibly the 2nd one the more I look at it but just doubting myself and it just scares me because that color is so easy to be off on going by a pic I am also extra extra picky (anal) on this one because all of the local little girls & mama's will be there (along with me) and it is really good advertisement for dance bows being that no one really knows locally that I do these. Might be a great opportunity for next years recital

She also wanted tulle in it too if I had the right color. The only color green I have at all right now is apple green and after I made a poof with it, it really really matches the pic of the bottom that she called "yellowish". As long as it is thin and not thick. Make any sense?? Anybody have any they could compare to the pic for me too??

TIA for any suggestions I can get right now!! I am fixing to head to bed so I can get up in the morning and get something done on it since my eyes are starting to dry out from staring at all this bright green!

Thanks again!
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