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Default Re: Just frustrated!!!

Originally Posted by cybr-chic View Post
cute site! I may be a dork but do you mind sharing how you treat your ribbons to repel stains? I was going to make some flips for my girls but then I thought about how dirty they would get!
Hi! I am probably the dork for using it but it really seems to 4 yo dd has worn hers for what seems like FOREVER...LOL, and so far they still look great! We also live in the country surrounded by dirt dirt & more dirt!
Anyhoo, I use the scotch guard for treating fabrics for crafts. I found it in the craft section at my local little walmart hidden on the bottom row. I thought I would give it a try and I have had many customers tell me it really does work, especially on the little ones that get them dirty easier!! It is $5 something for a can but it goes a long way!! I also use Vectra.It is a stain & water repelant for clothing/shoes. I order it online but it costs more so I use the Scotch guard now more
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