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Default Re: Need Help! Rhinestone Flip Flops

Originally Posted by kshaddix View Post
Hello - I am new to the forum and am so glad I found it!!!

I am wanting to embellish flip flops with flatback Swarovski Crystals. I have researched the web for specific instructions, but haven't had much luck! From what I have found, it seems most of the professionals that sell them use Havaiana's brand flip flops. So I have purchased a pair of the plain top Havaiana's, flatback Swarovski crystals in size 16ss, E6000 glue and GemTack Glue. My 1st question is that the flip flops have the word "Havaiana's" raised on one of the straps on each shoe. I am assuming that somehow I need to sand this down so there is a smooth surface for attaching the crystals. Does anybody have any experience in attaching rhinestones to flip flops? If so could you share how you did it. Were you successful and did the rhinestones stay in place - or have some fallen off? Which adhesive was most successful? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!
E6000 has worked well, but so has the Flip Flop Glue. It has held some large, weighty embellishments for me.
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