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Default Re: Just frustrated!!!

Hi Krista,

First off, let me just say I think your site looks great! It's obvious that you're still adding inventory, but it really does look good so far. I have a wahmshoppe that I have sold from before and am currently uploading inventory to, to re-launch so I can totally sympathise with you . A couple of suggestions:

1. You may already be doing this, but what I like to do is set a manageable goal for the day. Before I sit down at the computer I decide what I am going to get listed that day. Mine today is to just get 10 dyed nylons listed.

2. Take advantage of your "copy listing" function. I noticed that all of your descriptions are very item specific which is great and if that is really important to you then, by all means continue on in that direction. IMO, your pictures are clear enough that you don't need a detailed description...just a general description of what they are looking at. So with your crochet headbands and bows you could have a general description that fits each one and just copy the same listing over and over, changing only the picture and title each time.
Here is an example of what I am talking about. Clippie Pairs - Tessie Lou Designs

Once you get all of your content up you can always go back in and edit your item descriptions if you think you need to. I hope this makes sense . It really is alot of work, but it's so fun to see your website come together...Good luck!
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