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Default Re: My bows fell off my flip flops

Forgive me Judy, it usually takes me a little longer than others to figure things out. You attach the bow to the flip flops first then wrap the straps with ribbon? I've always attached the bow last but your way sounds like it would hold the bow on much better.
Originally Posted by Judy74 View Post
I don't have pictures.

Ok my center piece I leave long. I hot glue my bow directly on the top of the flip flop without the center on it. Then I glue my center piece on the top of the bow in the center and wrap the extra around each side. Example. the top long piece of the center I will wrap around the right side of the strap then the bottom piece onto the left so it somewhat anchors it evenly. Then what that is all dry (glue), I take 3/8" ribbon and start at the back of one of the straps and literally just wrap the ribbon all the way around the strap to completely cover it. I put a dab of hot glue every so often to hold ribbon down. I continue wrapping around. When I reach the center, I just do the best I can to keep the wrapping tight. I will glue along the top while wrapping. continue all the way across to the other end, gluing as you go.

Does any of that make sense? the wrapping covers the pieces of the center piece and gives it some extra strength! My bows don't budge.
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