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Default Just frustrated!!!

I don't know where I should really post this but I am just soooo frustrated
I started my online store/site and I just can not get it all together!!! Which I know I could be doing something on there right now besides typing this but I am needing any kind of advice I can get at this point Did it take any of you FOREVER to get your site up & running??? In the sense of getting products added and situated?!?!? I still have a whole bunch of my old stuff on there and need to get all of my new/better bows and things on there. I know it is the end of the school year and with all of the running around after 3 kiddos, the house work, getting orders out & trying to get some rest in there from time to time, I just can not get it done....(sigh).

So my question is, do any of you ladies have any suggestions on what could make it faster or easier to get it stocked on there??? Did it take you awhile to get it the way you wanted it?? I know what slowed me down in the very beginning was the fact that I had to figure out everything and how to operate it but I think I finally have that part down Just don't know if I am getting frustrated for no reason or if there is anything I can do to make it easier on myself...I tend to do things the hard way

Thank you in advance for any help I can get!!!!
~Krista Glee~Proud Mama of 3~
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