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These are super cute! I am trying to upload a pic but my computer is NOT cooperating LOL

I need a model between 4-8 for these! I will also send some other items I need modeled in that age group! I am looking for FOUR models! I know people had replied the last time I was looking but I cant find your email I need you to email me [email protected] Your childs age, address, color prefernce (pink, purple, blue or greens)
as well as work you have done! I am only interested in QUALITY photos so please dont send quicky photos, I want to be sure you CAN take a great pic! (*sorry if that sounded mean, but I have been burnt before with really bad pics) I am looking for something like this:

I am looking for great closeup pics as well as distance pics! I would really like to get some differnt hair colors for the pics! Also pics MUST be done outside in an area free of any "junk" lol

I will also need you written concent I can use the photos for promoting my business

PLEASE email me if interested!

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