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Default Re: painting perfect polka dots

I'm in Australia, and I use a stencil paint that is really quite dry - the only way I could describe it is it's similar to a moist eyeshadow or rouge compact (not the powder type) If you were to turn it upside down it would stay in as it has a minimal moisture content. Hope that makes sense! The stencil paint is actually designed for stencils, so you dont get that bleed, and you use those big round but blunt brushes that that you tap over your stencil, not wipe. You can take the stencil off straight away, if you wanted to (carefully) and let it dry. You dont get any bleed. I'm sure you would be able to buy the pots in any craft store. I've seen them in actual paint stores too before. They last a long time too.
Hope this helps
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