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Default Re: How to keep printed ribbon from faiding...

I remember you having this problem last week. (Hope that turned out okay, by the way...) I think both of you are on to something....more than likely the starch is doing it.....maybe cause I'm putting the bows in there right after I spray the starch on.

Thanks girls!!!

Originally Posted by tyeeshawebb View Post
hey girls, I had the same problem last week!! I figured out that I was baking my bows with the temp too high. So here is what i tried. I sprayed the bows with starch, let them dry by the fan. Then I bake my bows at 250 for 15 minutes. It worked good. Anyways, I just started adding starch, and we just moved so I wasnt used to the stove. Anyways, just give it a try. Hth!! Oh, good idea fluffin korkers in the dryer!!!
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