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Default How to keep printed ribbon from fading...

Okay, so I just got a batch of bows out of the ribbon. I sprayed them with starch and baked them for about 20 minutes at 275. The solids turned out great....flexible, but hold their shape nicely. However, I had a zebra print bow in there and top look fine, not much bleeding or anything, but when you look between the layers of the zebra print, there's some bleeding.

My question is: How do you stop fading?

Theories I would like to try:
-Not spraying with starch, but still baking.
-Spraying with hairspray and baking.
-Using less starch and baking.
-Buying some of that stiffen stuff and baking.

What do you girls think?

Maybe this is an experiement I need to try and then post the results...hmm...

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