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Default I just still don't get it!! Help me!!!!

I know that there have been one million posts about bottle caps on this forum. I have searched bottle caps and scanned through most all of them. I understand the method for making bottle caps. The one thing I just cannot figure out is how to find the totally awsome clip arts/images to make the bottle caps. I've seen some incredible M2M Gymboree images like Flower Garden and Pretty Ladybug, etc, but I just don't know how to go about creating M2M images like some of the ones I've seen.
I've got the 1" punch and bottle caps. I even bought some cute scrapbook paper that I think would be cute. But, I just don't know who to come up with the cute clip art images to make some M2M.
Can anyone offer some step-by-step instructions on this? Thank you sooooo much in advance for ANY help that anyone can offer.
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