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Default Re: How do you Take Good, Clear Photos of your clippies?

Originally Posted by polychic View Post
This is identical to the one I made. It didn't cost anything! I take the box outside and the light ends up being perfect. Inside, the artificial light is really not enough and I end up having to photoshop more.

How to Create an Inexpensive Photography Lightbox (with pictures) - wikiHow

There's another tutorial for a foam board box, but I'll have to search for it.
That's awesome! The pics. look so good! Also, your barrettes look perfect. Do you use hot glue, magna tac or the thermo tape? you have a particular method of gluing the ribbon down? I was using magna-tac and it made great looking barrettes, but it doesn't stick as well as the hot glue, but I'm having a really hard time with the hot glue. I have messed up so many barrettes with it and never messed up one with the magna tac. Any advice would be great! Thanks!!!
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