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Originally Posted by petals View Post
I don't see why that would not work. I'd use duct tape or something strong like that to put the cans together. You may also need something to weigh it down.

Your son is sooo cute. Are those cloth diapers? You are a saint if they are. I'm just polluting the environment with my child's diapers!
Thank you. There a cross between cloth and disposable there called gdiapers. I LOVE them . We started using them because my son has sensitive skin and there chemical free. The outside part is cloth and the inside part is (The part they get dirty ) is a dispoable liner that biodegrates (sp?) in two months insted of 500 years like a regular disposable diaper. They run us about $10 less a month than regular disposable diapers
The website is gDiapers - Earth friendly diapers. The new diaper hybrid. you can also get them a - Everything for Baby - Free Shipping, Great Service We got a starter pack just to see if we liked them and we Love them. Pluse they send you fee stuff for every 10 upc codes you send back.

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