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Default Twisted bow suggestions

I know there are alot of people out there that cant make a boutique bow or twisted bow or whatever its called. Here I will call it the super extremely hard to make bow! ;D
I've probably only made 3 decent ones in my bow making years, i mean months, okay well weeks. lol

Once you get the bow in the bow position, make sure all the lines are straight. It helps me to look at the loops and see if they look like some of the great ones out there. My reference would be E&K bows, hers are gorgeous. So I look to see if my loops are like hers and I mess with them til they do.

Then when I stick the needle thru and wrap it around once, I play with the loops somemore. Maybe ill bend them here and there til they look like theyre suppose to. Do all this before tying off the needle. It's too late by then.

Do all this while holding the bow in the middle really tight, dont let go or youll have to do it all again, that sucks lol
I know this all seems simple and you were probably told before but I wasnt and I wish I was.

Hopefully this will help someone. ;D
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