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Default Re: what am i doing wrong??? please help

Originally Posted by tyeeshawebb View Post
1st of all,it looks backwards. i make mine so the tails are on top to the right, under on the left. Here is my trick. I fold my ribbon in 4 loops,then fold top loops to bottom, then pinch and tye. Then I fluff. HTH!! You can make this bow 100 times, and finally it will come to you.
I agree that it does look backwards, but other than that I'm not much help. Here is what I do: For a 4" bow made from 1.5 ribbon I cut about 26" of ribbon, I put my two ends together fold down 1" and then fold in half again. After I do this I take a pencil and mark all of my creases, this will make sure your loops are even. After I have marked the ribbon I then fold it in the shape of a bow, clip it with a salon clip and tie off. Sometimes I get it right on the first try, but sometimes I don't. It is a hard bow for me too.
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