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Default Re: Brilliant Bowmaker Twisted Template

Originally Posted by Mommy2Everyone View Post
Oh Great, I just bought it and now I read the description.

It says "Learn types of creasing, placement and number of sttches, and the importance and difference in stitch style. Hardware, non slip options, size recipes, stiffening techniques, knots and centers and lots of basic bowmaking tips! Learn to fold the Quick and easy bow, True-fold, and split tails bows as well as piggyback bows, double layers, long tails and cheer, half and half, criss cross, twists, tags and surrounds and how to combine them all!"

So um, I already have the original Bow Maker from last year. Is this the same thing? I was wanting the new one for the Twisted Boutique Bows....

I should have read the description first. Dang it.

It is different!!!

The beginning of the book has similar information, but the templates and uses are different. Some of the "Styles are the same, but you can have a criss cross classic, and a criss cross twisted. kwim? You will love it!!
Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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