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Default Do not recommend--BATTERY OPERATED Hot Melt Glue Gun

Bought a Batterry operated hot glue gun from, As Seen on TV brand-- click link below to see the image.

Very disapointed:
1. Seems like a low temp glue gun but was not mentioned in the description.
2. The tip is very small. Cannot apply enough glue for any project.
3. Uses 4 AA battery. I purchase 4 SONY 2500mah rechargable batteries (which are very good BTW). The big problem is that the fresh charged battery will last only about 15-20 minutes. During these 20 minutes, the gun works like a low temp gun, after that, the green light is still on but the tip is not hot enough to melt the glue.


Saw another cordless glue gun on

Can anybody share his/her experience? I really need a real cordless high temp glue gun.


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