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Hey Michelle, I started to write out directions for a stand-up pigtail (at least what I think you're referring to) and then decided to take pictures using a doll. Well, for some reason my computer is not accepting them when my husband sends them from his computer. So hopefully I'll get them soon.

In the meantime...

Claire's hair just stands straight up all by itself. Crazy. So I insert the clip sideways so the side of the clip is touching her head, rather than the flat bottom part. Does that make sense? If your daughter has more hair, then I'd put a rubberband in to make your pigtail. But don't push the rubberband all the way down to the scalp. Leave about 1 inch. Then insert your clip only using the top part of the hair. (The clip should be inbetween the scalp and the rubberband. Then push the rubberband down gently by separating the pigtail into 2 sections and pulling them apart. The result should be that the clip(bow) will stand up with rubberband resting on top of it (but slightly off center). if you use a really small rubberband then you shouldn't see it behind the bow.

Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures soon to show you what I'm trying to explain.
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