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I've been ordering from Nashville Wraps and they have great quality tulle, but someone on here suggested BB Crafts which is cheaper. Plus they have more colors in the 100 yard rolls. Haven't ordered from them yet, but I think I will use them when I place my next order.
As far as the elastic headbands go, I assume you're referring to the goody ones that are really skinny and come in different colors. I've tried them before and popped one before I even finished my tutu. I also find that they make my tutus come out a little large, although I'm sure you could shorten the elastic by cutting and hand stitching.
I use skinny non-roll elastic with mine and I go by waist measurement and cut it down about 3-4 inches to allow for stretch. I hand-stitch the elastic closed, overlapping about a 1/2" then I find either a chair back or a thick book that has the same measurements around as the waist measurements i need and then slip my elastic around that. That way, when you take it off, your tulle won't stretch out too much and not fit. Just a little trick I've found that helps me keep my measurements exact.
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