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Originally Posted by lilamy_01 View Post
I think I can save you a little money. Now, I don't know what the shipping is at either website, but.....
At Nashville Wraps it's 100 yards of 6 inch tulle for $9.49
At PaperMart it's 100 yards of 6 inch tulle for $5.93

I hope that help ya!
The website shows that you have to spend $200 on tulle though to get the $5.93 price. So if you need that much, it's a great deal! If you don't need $200, then it's 100 yds. for 6.98. I just ordered some of the 25 yd spools so that I can learn how to make them for my dd. Thanks for the tip on the website, I can't wait to get it!!!
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