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Default Re: Gator Bite help!! My 1st tie keeps coming apart!!!

Originally Posted by Mommy2Everyone View Post
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips.

I love the gator bite because it helps me tie the bows easy. My question though is taht the initial tie that I make is PERFECT and I can see that the bow looks great, BUT as I'm trying to tie it the second time to tighten it, the FIRST tie looses up. Then my bow loses its shape!! AHHH.

WHat type of string do you use to tighten the bows?? Which string is tight enough that when you tie tie it the first time, it doesnt come apart.

Hope I'm making sense here. Thanks for the help.
I have that problem too. I have my little boy to hold the string down in the center while I tie the knot off. However, when the kids are not around I have to use whatever I can find.
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