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Default Re: Argh! I can't find this ribbon!

So, put the heat n bond on the ribbon THEN cut it out? I'm worried about not being able to cut a precise line, but I think having the heat n bond on as a guide sounds like it would be easier.

I went ahead and emailed a couple bow places just to see if they would sell me any of what they had. They'll probably say no, but at least now I know how to make it

Thanks for the help girls!!

Originally Posted by csrascmom View Post
I am pretty sure that ribbon isnt sold like that. You have to make it yourself. If there is ribbon out there like that, I have never found it. You need to buy the sequin fabric and use heat and bond to make your "ribbon". I used the rolls of 7/8 in heat and bond which made cutting it so much easier.
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