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Default Re: Twisted Template Pre-order date

Originally Posted by mommy2ella View Post
Can't wait till they are ready! How is your hand doing? I will be looking so I can pre-order.

Thanks! It is sore - I can't use it for everything yet, I can write a check, but then have to stop, so slow progress, but no surgery!

Originally Posted by mabear74 View Post
around noon.....which time zone? Can't wait!

Originally Posted by UBowGurl! View Post
yea which time zone? My baby brother graduates from his final section of bootcamp on tuesday and Im sure itll be around mid-day, Im tempted to take my laptop to make a dash for starbucks so I can get online and order, how pathetic! Can you tell Im obsessed?
Your name says it all!

Originally Posted by Sweetbug View Post
Do you have to have The Brilliant Bowmaker System for these?
No, each system is designed to be "a la carte" so you can pick and choose the types of bows you want to make. The binder system allows you to add items as you want or need them, plus free downloads off the internet.

Originally Posted by jtgarrido View Post
Yes, which time zone, I'm assuming EST since she is in Kentucky.
Yes! Thank you, good call

Originally Posted by mothermayi View Post
I think she's in Kentucky, so whatever time zone that is...
Yep, KY, Eastern!
Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!

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