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Originally Posted by apesusi View Post
Question about the BBM:
When you hold it per the directions there is a square on the top and bottom. Are these squares all the same size on your templates? My M and XL are the same size, but my L are smaller. Wonder if it's supposed to be like that?
Seems like if the M is the same as the XL then the L should be the same too, right?

I know what you're asking - it is not the same - and there is more than one reason - I will totally explain it when there is a clear brain in my head. I am really really tired.

Don't know if anyone can use this - but the 3 classic templates fit nicely in an empty clear CD case. Actually I have all 7 of my templates in there, but they have to stack a certain way to fit. It is nice to have them all in one place. Even I flip out if I can't find a template.
Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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