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Default Twisted Template Pre-order date

The Brilliant Bowmaker Twisted Templates are finally in production. They have been ordered, so I will begin taking pre-orders on

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 around noon.

(I say "around" because my DD is home that day and I will have to have a tea party in the morning.)

The first 25 on each site will have a nice free gift. After that I will offer a promotional discount of some sort. I haven't figured out what yet. Watch on the etsy site, I may have two listings up - one will be 25 items with the gift, the other will be the regular listings.

Little Pink Ladybug: Hairbows, Ribbon Sculpture and Useful Things
littlepinkladybug33 on Etsy - Little Pink Ladybug

Final details will be posted in the next few days as to what all the kits contain, cost, special promotions, free gifts, and discounts. And as this all comes together I will legally be able to post more pictures and some video how it works. It is really exciting to see in action. Really!

The Classic Book is 62 pages

The Twisted book is approximately 68 pages

The Surround book is approximately 30 pages

The Ultimate Kit would have all three books, and I have to say is quite a deal, if you had to print the whole thing yourself it would cost more than the kit itself.

I regret not being able to post pictures yet (can any lawyers vouch for the tediousness of law?) But I have much confidence in the testimonies of those who have seen it and the testers who will be receiving their kits as soon as I get them to send!

And I apologize for all the emails I have not answered - I am swamped and mean no disrespect! I will honestly get around to writing back, just probably after the information is already available

Finally - I DO NOT have the ship date from the manufacturer. Last time it was two weeks. With luck, this time will be the same. I do not know. They will ship to you the day after I receive them. If I fall off the planet, it will be the day after DH receives them. I am just as excited as you all. Trust me.

If I think of anything else I will post again. If you have any questions, please ask - If I can answer it I will. If I don't have an answer I will shamelessly ignore you...No! Just kidding - I will tell you what I can. I am dealing with and coordinating 7 different manufacturers and suppliers, plus the book editor and assembly logistics, a law firm and my family, one of which is a lawyer.

I look forward to this new adventure in bowmaking!

Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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